I’m ready, Freddy!


Hola, homies.

The past few days have really been very good motivation for my project.  I mentioned before that I’ve been chronically sick since I started my job, for the past month now. I had the flu, and then had a nasty cough, and now I have an even nastier cough and a horrible head cold. Like mucus is draining out everywhere. YUCK.

Tomorrow, I’m starting my 100% vegan diet. I have to work long shifts the next two days, so I have to be very thoughtful of cooking in advance and taking stuff to work. I am so active at my job that I get hungry often and need lots of constant energy. I’m hoping to get one hearty portable meal and some snacks to bring everyday.

I’m going to attempt to prepare meals and snacks for the next two days, and make sure I have everything I need until Wednesday, my next day off. I say “attempt” because I’m really feeling terrible, I’m in bed with hot tea and Netflix at the moment.

So to combat my illness, and pump myself immune system up, I’m going to make myself a good fruit smoothie tomorrow, and snack on lots of fresh fruit. I’ll make some hearty veg dish, and drink lots of chamomile tea.

Have a blessed and healthy day, will post tomorrow!



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