Day 2, Week 1


Good morning!

I have to work the night shift tonight so I wanted to post a bit, and then edit it tomorrow to account for everything I ate later at night.

I made my highly controversial smoothie ($1.55) with bee pollen this morning. ( CONTROVERSY HERE) Also I made a delicious espresso (my BF gave me an espresso maker for Christmas) with steamed coconut milk ($.50). Its a slight chilly morning here, but I heard that on Friday it will get up to almost 70 degrees! Wowza, the weather in NC is crazy.

Anyway, I’ve spent all morning/afternoon putting around my house, catching up on e-mails, interwebbing, and cleaning. My boyfriend left this morning for three days to go to Memphis for work. It will be weird to sleep by myself, but absence makes the heart grow fonder. (HA I misspelled absence and the first spell check option was abstinence! That makes my heart grow fonder too!) I love having the “house to myself” though, and since this may be my last year as a non-married childless woman these days may become few and far between.

I’ll delve off subject to input one thing. My boyfriend and I have talked about having kids and getting married (definitely more about my thoughts on marriage later) for the last two years, and have slowly been working towards that goal. We’ve been saving money, preparing ourselves mentally and strengthening our relationship. Everything’s been going great, but preparing my body and his is next. I wanted to detox for at least a year before getting pregnant, and then have the most nutritious  stress-free, healthy pregnancy possible. So this is the year before, and this is me detoxing and getting healthy. But more about that later.

Anyway, I made a bowl of steel-cut oats with coconut milk, agave nectar and bananas, with a dash of cinnamon ($1.00/made two servings). Yummy. I had forgotten how much I loved oatmeal until I read this recipe for apple pie oatmeal perusing blogs last night. Also a great blog!

I’m still doing good on cleaning my fridge and cabinets out, but am compiling a list of groceries that is added onto every time I see an amazing recipe or get a craving.

Projects for the future:

  • BAKING! I need to overcome my fear of baking, esp. vegan baking. I think its my experimental side, and my disdain for exact measurements that cause so many baking disasters in my kitchen. But inspired by my roommates awesome breadmaker sitting in the closet and a plethora of great recipes I’ve found, I think I will conquer this fear. I would love to make my own bread on the regular, if I can hone my skills at this. And also I’d love to make some healthy muffins to snack on at work and delve into special occasion/dessert baking after I’ve mastered the basics. I’ve always wanted to be a woman who always had someone fresh-baked and healthy on hand. Also, as the heady whole wheat bread I buy costs about 4 bucks I think that baking it myself will be more economical.
  • Chia seeds! A handful of my co-workers religiously drink Kamboucha teas with chia seeds in them everyday. I’m not going to say much on this subject, but they like to think this makes them the healthiest people in the world even though they eat junk the rest of the day. Anyway, I’d never heard of chia seeds until then. I saw some at Whole Foods the other day but was definitely deterred by the $10 for like 12oz price-tag. I remembered one of my co-workers mentioning he’d found some at a Mexican grocery store for a bargain; I might check that out. Easy Chia seed pudding recipe I found, also from a blogger with similar goals and challenges as I.
  • Veg broth and then amazing soup- still searching for the right soup recipe (preferably a crockpot one) to use my homemade broth with but preferably has tons of beans, some sort of ancient grain, and tons of veggies. Yum.
  • Vegan burgers of some sort, I’m a sucker for a patty with ample amounts of veggies piled on and maybe some homemade ranch sauce? Or if baking is going well, on homemade buns? Anyway, I’m looking into recipes for this.

So I’m going to pack up some pita wedges and hummus to take to work again ($1.00), and take my orange from yesterday ($.30) didn’t eat it again, but blended it up in the morning in my smoothie. 

Oh, and I also started soaking some black beans last night and cooked them for about a half hour today and put them back in the fridge. I have visions of black bean and black japonica rice stuffed green peppers to eat tomorrow. Never had black Japonica rice before? Its pretty amazing, its nutty and really flavorful. I got it from a health food store a while back under recommendation from the owner was raving about how it has more antioxidants than blueberries.

Wish me fun times at work!


Have a blessed, healthy, and positive day!



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