Day 4, Week 1


This will be quick, because I just want to curl up with a book and relax. I just had one of those days, messed up something with money and just made a huge debacle for myself. Also, I spilled coffee all over my desk. Ruined so many things. I almost cried out of frustration.

Anyway, I sure was in good spirits this morning and last night. I thought I was pooped last night, but around 11 o’clock got a second wind and decided to try to make some bread. I had visions of peanut butter and jelly sammies for lunch, and bread with my new earth balance spread. I had all the ingredients for this recipe which I discovered (also a great website!). So I threw it in my roomies breadmaker, hit start and then went to sleep.

Now, I’m no baker, and I defiantly did something wrong. My two hypotheses are old flour, and old yeast, and the fact that I didn’t have plain salt (only garlic salt) and omitted it. Not that it wasn’t good, it is, it was just really heavy and dense. Its so healthy though, its all whole wheat, with flax seeds, oatmeal, and some steel-cut oats which I had soaking for my breakfast. I’ll play around with the recipes, the comment section of the bread recipe I followed it full of helpful tips and people offering troubleshooting for common problems.

Anyway, I estimated the total cost of the bread loaf to be around 2 bucks. Its about 12 slices so we’ll just say around 20 cents a slice. I woofed down one for breakfast ($.20) with a smear of butter and peanut butter ($.20). I also soaked some steel-cut oats and made those with a banana, agave nectar, and almond milk ($.75). No smoothie today, just hearty goodness. I made a pb and j ($.75) to take to work. I ended up spilling coffee all over it and not even getting to eat it but it still counts.

My steel-coat oats, and my piece of toast, yum 🙂


My bread attempt, still good but very dense!

I finished some leftovers tonight ($1.25) and a granola bar ($.25). My roomie gave me a scoop of some taboulleh salad she got at whole foods and I threw it over some baby greens ($.50). I’m thinking popcorn to munch on later, perhaps?


I wanted to throw in that I woke up at 5am, before my alarm went off and felt pretty good. I ate breakfast, pittered around the house and was feeling pretty good for the first part of the morning but then I started to crash. I got more congested, my brain got fuzzy and my body got achy. Hence why I’m in bed with a book.

I hope I kick this crud soon.

Have a healthy and happy day!



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    • Thanks for the comment! I’ve been experimenting, and I think after fresh ingredients, a slight tweak on the recipe and SALT, haha, the 4th time will be the fluffy wonderful loaf I’ve been dreaming of. Thanks for the great blog, keep up the awesomeness!

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