Day 5, Week 1


Yesterday was a crazy day.

First, I could barely get out of bed I was so tired in the morning. Drastic change from the day before. I ate some Kashi cereal and almond milk ($.40), a slice of my homemade bread and Earth Balance ($.30) and a banana ($.25). I’ve never been a breakfast person before veganism, but I’m trying to eat as much and as hearty of a breakfast before work. This is day two without a smoothie, and I realize I really miss them and so does my does my body. I’ll get to the store for more fruit soon.

Anyway, so I brought one of my bargain organic granola bars to work ($.25), along with an orange (which i didn’t eat again, I don’t really know why I always forget about it weighing down my bag and stuff). I’m really going to have to go check out Big Lots and see if they still have some bars because they are healthy, tasty and cheap.

Anyway, work went well physically and energy-wise. But two important things happened today.

Firstly, after lunch a man who I didn’t know sauntered into work and everyone’s behavior totally shifted and the energy got really tense. Someone whispered to me that it was a super head honcho in the restaurant. I played along, was very vigilant that I was doing everything perfectly and to policy. And then my boss tapped me on the shoulder and said Head Honcho wanted to talk to me. I asked him if its good or bad, and he said he just liked to meet all the new managers. We talked briefly, he was really cool, he just wanted to see how it was going with me at the restaurant  He said he’d been hearing good things about me, ect.

On a side note, the company I work for is opening like 20 new restaurants a year in the region. They are going crazy in Virginia right now. When they open new restaurants  they try to pull people from other established restaurants there for a month or so to get it open and running smoothly. I want to help open restaurants. I want to travel around, I’m a good teacher, and I love the idea of staying in hotel rooms for free. I’m just such a sucker for a hotel room. Anyway, that’s my short-term career goal.

Head Honcho puttered around for a bit more, and then left. I went back to talk to my boss all self-absorbedly about what Head Honcho and I talked about, and found out that essentially my boss had gotten demoted. He was told he was going to get transferred to another restaurant, and that tomorrow was his last day here and we were getting a new general manager. Super bummer, not only did I really like my boss, he is a great leader and I was learning so much from him. Sad news. He was putting on a brave face, but I could tell he was really bumming. I am too, as is everyone at work. This will be a big morale hit for the staff, and the new GM is going to have really big shoes to fill.

So after my long day, I went home and was pretty hungry. I’ll admit, I was munching on some oreos we had at work today. I think I had low blood sugar for a bit, because they sure perked me back up. But when I got home, I made some tacos with leftover beans and japonica rice, on two corn tortilla with a bit of salsa and chopped onions ($.60). I was still munchy, so I ate the other half of my pita chips ($.50). I was still muchy so I made popcorn. YUM. Best idea I’ve had in a while. I used coconut oil, earth balance and sprinkled garlic salt and nutritional yeast on it ($.30). Satisfied, I went to sleep. Actually, I passed out halfway through my popcorn bowl watching 30 Rock. Then I woke up an hour later, finished my popcorn and then crawled into bed.

TOTAL FOR TODAY: $2.60 —-definitely didn’t eat as much as I usually do today. Good total though.


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