Day 6, Week 1


I can’t believe I’ve almost made it a week. As I told my friend yesterday, its so much easier than I thought it would be.

I will tell you I’m definitely feeling withdrawal symptoms from dairy. Perhaps  Maybe I’m not drinking enough water or the fact that I’ve forgotten to take my vitamins for the past three days may contribute to that. I just took my battery of vitamins and will make an effort to drink at least 120 oz of water today. I’ve already drank 20. So just 100 more.

But my foggy headedness, headaches, lack of energy (or random bursts of it, and then highs and lows), body aches, lack of concentration/motivation have been occurring the whole week, and a fresh round of breakouts on my face. I’d been experiencing low energy and body aches since before going vegan from being sick and stopping smoking but I was expecting these to be the first things that changed.

I really hope this time next week I’m typing about how fantastic I feel. I’m sure my body is just ridding a bunch of crap from it and getting used to all the good foods I’m giving it.

Anyway, I’m almost off to work to work the late shift and was just catching up on my blog from yesterday. Decided to type a half entry for the day and then update tomorrow.

This morning I slept in late, and woke up all foggy and slightly headachy. I chugged a cup of coffee, and a glass of water and hastily made a smoothie containing all the fruit I have left in the house. A banana, grapefruit, orange, flax oil, almond milk and a scotch of agave nectar. I gave 1/3 to my BF so I’d say I ate about ($1.00)‘s worth. I ate a bowl of Kashi with almond milk ($.40) and a small salad with spring mix and a splash of vinaigrette ($.50). 

I had two vegan Italian sausages left in my fridge from a few weeks ago, and kinda cracked and decided to eat one. I had some leftover buns in my freezer, and enjoyed a sausage on a organic flour bun with a squirt of ketchup ($1.30). I’d been avoiding them because while they aren’t super processed, and weren’t super expensive ($3.00 for 4 big ones) they are just chock full of soy. But it was delicious, and my boyfriend liked the bite of mine he had so much that I made him the second one and he gobbled it up.

I had a nice afternoon of computer, quality BF time and food, but its time for me to head off to bring home the vegan bacon substitute. Hardy har-har-har.

Will edit this later!

EDIT: Wow, tough day at work. I left the house in such a hurry that I forgot to bring anything to eat. Dammit. I put the thought off in my mind until about 10 when I realized I was just starving. I ate a banana we had there. Still starving. So I made a veggie sandwich with onions, tomatoes and lettuce and ketchup and mustard. Sounds weird, but I swear, there’s very little to work with that’s vegan there. I wasn’t excited about eating white flour, but let me tell you, it did the trick. Until about 1:30. And I lost control. Someone brought a cake for my bosses last day. It had been staring at me all night. Without thinking really, I decided to just have a smidge. I couldn’t tell you exactly how much, or honestly if there was any, dairy in it. I didn’t feel better or worse, I didn’t feel too guilty or disappointed. I just ate a piece, enjoyed it and that was that. It really was tiny, just like three bites. Anyway, so technically today I probably strayed from veganism. But it was a hard, crazy day. And i didn’t get out of work until 6am. 13 hour day.

So I thought if I should add the food from work into my totals. I did technically consume food that costs money to someone (not me though). Its a fringe benefit from working in a restaurant, free food. I debated this against true accuracy for the experiment, which is skewed from my inclusion of free food. Ultimately, I have decided not to include it, since I really don’t eat too much of it. And its all so cheap, and in such small portions, its probably won’t skew the totals too much.


Have a healthy and happy day!



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